Benefit cosmetics has successfully combined the worlds of beauty and fun, proving that makeup can be both playful and empowering! With their iconic products, whimsical packaging and commitment to supporting women’s causes across the globe, Benefit has become a beloved brand that continues to redefine beauty standards and inspire self-expression. In the vast and ever-evolving world of cosmetics, this brand has consistently stood out for its unique blend of creativity, humour and high-quality products. Benefit Cosmetics was founded in 1976 by twin sisters Jean and Jane Ford, it has carved a special place for itself in the hearts and makeup bags of beauty enthusiasts across the world.

The story of Benefit Cosmetics began in San Francisco’s Mission District, where the Ford sisters decided to open a boutique beauty shop called ‘The Face Place’. Their initial focus was on brow waxing, a revolutionary concept at the time. The witty and playful branding of the store is something that immediately sets it apart from other beauty destinations. Soon after, they introduced their first product, the iconic Benefit Rose Tint, that we today know as the famous Benetint!

Benefit has introduced a plethora of products loved by people across the world over the years, many of which have become cult favourites. A personal favourite as spoken about before has to be one of the companies very first products, the notable Benetint which was previously known as Benefit Rose Tint, a versatile lip and cheek stain that should be classed as an essential in every woman’s makeup bag! The result of this stunning tint is a radiant, just-kissed rosy hue that complements all skin tones and types, its extremely lightweight texture blends seamlessly, making it suitable for both everyday and special occasions, you can either opt for a more natural, toned down flush or build up a more glamorous and dramatic look.

The best thing about Benetint is its versatility. This particular product is not just used as a cheek stain it’s also used as a lip tint. The watery, gel like formula can be applied to both the lips and the cheeks #, resulting in a just-kissed rosy hue. Benetint works with so many of Benefits other cosmetics like the Hoola Bronzer, the universally flattering matte bronzer that adds warmth and dimension to the face for an iconic bronzed-goddess glow that compliments that flushed hue perfectly. To elevate the brow and lash game, Benefit offers Gimme Brow, a tinted brow gel that gives them that natural-looking boost and the They’re Real! Mascara known for its lengthening and volumizing properties, this mascara has all the attributes you want in a mascara formula. Benefit Cosmetics invites you to embrace the joy of makeup and feel beautiful in your own unique way!