How To Clean Your Makeup Brushes

Makeup brushes are an essential tool in every beauty enthusiast’s arsenal. They help us achieve flawless application and blend our favourite products seamlessly. However, over time these brushes accumulate dirt, oil and old makeup, becoming a breeding ground for nasty bacteria. Regularly cleaning your makeup brushes is crucial not only for maintaining their performance but also for the health of your skin. In this guide we will talk you through a step-by step process on how to effectively clean your makeup brushes.

Gather Any Supplies-H2

Before you begin the cleaning process, gather the necessary supplies. You’ll need a gentle brush cleanser or a mild shampoo, lukewarm water, a clean towel, and a brush cleaning mat or silicone glove- which are optional but can certainly be a helpful item in the process.

Rinse The Brushes-H2

Start by rinsing the bristles of your brushes under lukewarm water. Make sure to keep the water directed downwards, avoiding the ferrule (the metal part connecting the bristles to the handle). Rinsing the brushes will remove any loose debris and initial layers of makeup.

Cleanse The Brushes-H2

Next, pour a small amount of brush cleanser or mild shampoo into the palm of your hand or onto a brush cleaning mat/glove. Gently swirl the brush bristles in the cleanser, working up a lather. Pay extra attention to the britles, ensuring that the product reaches the base and thoroughly cleans each individual bristle.

Deep Cleanse With Brush Cleaning Mat/Glove (Optional)-H2

For a deeper cleanse, you can use a brush cleansing mat or silicone glove. These textured surfaces help to agitate the bristles, removing stubborn residue and ensuring a thorough clean. Simply rub the bristles in circular motions against the mat or the glove, applying slight pressure.

Rinse And Repeat-H2 

After cleaning the bristles, rinse them thoroughly under lukewarm water until the water runs clear. Ensure that all of the soap or cleanser residue is completely removed. As any leftover product can lead to clogged bristles and skin irritations.

Reshape And Dry-H2

Cleaning your makeup brushes should be a regular part of your beauty routine. Aim to clean them at least once every two weeks, or more frequently if you use them daily or notice heavy product build up. 

Summary Of How To Clean Your Makeup Brushes-H2

Cleaning your makeup brushes is a simple yet essential step in maintaining their performance and ensuring the health of your skin. By following this step-by-step guide and incorporating regular brush cleaning into your routine, you’ll enjoy flawless makeup application and extend the lifespan of your beloved brushes. So, make cleaning your brushes a priority and revel in the benefits of clean, bacteria-free tools for a flawless makeup experience.